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Video Surveillance Systems

stay in touch, informed, and in control of your business

video surveillance system wall mounted monitors

Video Surveillance System is a loss prevention tool no company should be without

Now you can stay in touch, informed, and in control of your business like never before with a professionally installed video surveillance system.

Whether you are a retail, commercial, or industrial business, a strategically implemented security video surveillance system will provide real benefits that add profitability to your bottom line. Have a look at the benefits below.

The Benefits

  • Secure business environment
  • Prevent Vandalism
  • Allows access to your business 24/7 from any PC or mobile device
  • Eliminates opportunity for employee and customer theft
  • Reduce Insurance Premiums
  • An easy-to-use, feature-rich system for viewing and easily managing live and recorded video
  • Our Mobile app allows users to monitor their premises via their mobile device
  • Instill accountability in employees and vendors
  • Reduce frivolous lawsuits
  • Prevent Harassment
  • Cost Effective
  • Possible Tax Benefits
  • Our software enables end users to monitor video, audio and data in real time, quickly and seamlessly review footage and conduct investigations
  • Access and manage your cameras, alarms and sensors quickly and efficiently This locates your cameras on an overlay of your facility and can be selected and viewed with a click of a mouse

Why IP?

With hundreds of onsite cameras designed to ensure safety and optimize surveillance, a new challenge arises: how to effectively manage huge video streams and retrieve event footage. IP is the latest concept that brings intelligence, efficiency, and convenience to modern video surveillance. Enriched with Smart technologies, IP cameras, PTZ Dome cameras, and NVRs are all specifically designed to deliver smart security in the modern marketplace

video surveillance screen mosaic example

Representing this concept is IP Camera Series. Meeting all bandwidth and storage utilization requirements, this series offers unparalleled image quality and customer convenience. We will do a security evaluation of your facility customize a system utilizing the latest in high definition camera resolutions to meet your company’s goals and budget. Remote viewing on your pc, iPhone, android or iPad from anywhere in the world provides more freedom and more eyes available at any given time.

live video surveillance for smartphone or tablet

Access Live and Recorded Video With Your Smart Devices

  • View live and recorded video from multiple systems simultaneously on your mobile device
  • Free download for any number of users
  • Connect and view up to 48 surveillance cameras at one time
  • Stay connected with your office from anywhere at any time of day

Reduce Review Time and Conduct Video Security Investigations Faster

  • Push individual live cameras or an entire view of live cameras to another system user, public view monitor or mobile app
  • SpeedSearch enables scrubbing through video without downloading
  • Search multiple cameras simultaneously
  • View and respond to alarms or security events instantly

Simple PTZ and Digital PTZ Control

  • Control PTZ cameras with easy to use PTZ overlay graphics
  • Utilize client-side dewarping on fisheye IP cameras

Easy to Use Video Surveillance Application

  • Quickly view events in the triggered state with push notifications to a user’s mobile app
  • Set up tours of views and save views
  • View cameras by groups as defined in the system client
  • Monitor and control triggers to activate alarms from your mobile app
  • Touch-drag cameras to display camera freeze frame while dragging

Works With Low and High Bandwidth Networks

  • Converts multiple large video streams into a single video stream appropriately sized for your network connection
  • Enables useful video reception on low bandwidth cellular connections
  • Saves bandwidth and CPU with H.264 video compression format playback support

Compatible With Most Smartphones & Tablets

live video surveillance smart phone example



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